Water treatment

Reliability, quality and durability in water treatment

Water treatment

Water distribution

Water distribution - solutions to complex tasks

Water distribution


Special valves and expert knowledge for wastewater applications


Dams / Hydropower

Green energy from dams and hydropower plants

Dams / Hydropower

Power plants

Progress, safety & premium quality in the power plant area

Power plants


Diverse fields of application in industry - with solutions from VAG


Pressure Management

'Smart water networks' - intelligent and efficient water distribution

Pressure Management


Gas installations - with a long service life and reliable function


2015 World Water Day

VAG supports UN World Water Day

Following the UN Environment and Development World Conference held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, World Water Day was launched in 1993, and has since then been held on 22 March every year. The focus is on a different motto every year – World Water Day 2015 is all about "Water and Sustainable Development". The UN development programme UNDP is responsible for organising the conference, in cooperation with many relief organisations, but the topic is relevant for all the people in the world. Take a few minutes and find out more about World Water Day and the agenda behind it.

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VAG Mannheim Training Waterloss Reduction

Strategic Alliance Training, 13.-16. April in Mannheim

Together with its Strategic Alliance partners, VAG is organising a training course on the subject of water loss reduction. Read more

VAG Delta Racing Mannheim Stall

Delta Racing Mannheim e.V. driving event and sponsors' trade show

As part of the Study Information Day organised by Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, VAG took part in the Delta Racing Mannheim e.V. sponsors' trade show on 19 November 2014. Read more

VWI Mannheim visits VAG

Student company excursion of the VWI-Hochschulgruppe Mannheim

At the beginning of November 2014, the VWI-Hochschulgruppe Mannheim e.V. got to know VAG in a practical sense as part of a guided tour of the Visitor Center and a company presentation. Read more

Valve hints

BETA Flange

How do you recognise high-quality gate valves?

Drinking water must always be free of germs, fit for consumption and pure. Consumers have great confidence in the quality of drinking water, particularly in Europe. Read more


How do you benefit direct from VAG's Technical Service?

The VAG Technical Service offers its customers a global network of service technicians who competently solve any problem thanks to the expertise they have gained in many years of experience. Read more


How are standpost hydrants properly closed?

In order to close standpost hydrants with drop jacket properly, the shut-off system of the hydrant is closed by turning it to the right at the hydrant head with the outlet valve slightly open. Read more

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