Dams / Hydropower

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Dams / Hydropower

World-wide there are about 45,000 dams. They are mainly used for drinking water supply, flood protection, service water supply to industry and agriculture and the generation of energy. To prevent dam breaks or the uncontrolled overflow of the water dammed up, almost all of today’s dams are equipped with a bottom outlet. Its structure depends on the design capacity of the dam and is calculated based on the volume of the storage basin and its tributaries and discharge quantities. Valves are used to open, close and control the bottom outlet.

From the inlet and safety valve, the air valve up to the control valve and overflow device. Also as customised solution or specially made valve. VAG offers all this valves from one single source of supply. The design for pressure and flow rate is developed and fine-tuned by our engineers. As a result, you will receive a unique valve designed and manufactured to your individual needs. Guaranteed!  Because with our experience from over 100 years of company history, we stand for the quality and durability of our products for the entire water industry.

VAG valves in dams and hydropower stations
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Tirumala Temple

Water supply to Tirumala Temple

In order to provide water to millions of pilgrims, it is necessary to supply water to the temple complex through a water distribution line coming from Tirupati, the town located closest to the temple.

San Bartolo Hydroelectric

San Bartolo Hydroelectric Project

The San Bartolo Hydroelectric Project comprises the construction of a hydropower plant on the Río Negro River (in the southeast of Ecuador in the Amazon region). The customer decided to order the valves needed from VAG.

VAG Nechranice

Nechranice Dam

Until 2011 two control valves were in service in the Nechranice hydropower plant. However, these valves had already been repaired several times and were coming to the end of their useful lives.

VAG Liaoning Da Huo Fang

Liaoning Da Huo Fang Water Reservoir

To ensure uninterrupted water supply, the customer required control valves able to adapt automatically to the variable water levels of the lake while the water supply project was in its planning stage.

VAG Tekeze

Tekeze Dam in Ethiopia

VAG service technicians commissioned the hollow jet discharge valve with a diameter of 1600 mm and assembled its actuator.

VAG Klammstein

The Klammstein Hydropower Station

The VAG EKN® Butterfly Valve in fabricated steel design was 100% leak-tight, worked troublefree and was free from any defects. Since then, the butterfly valve with brake and lift unit has been working trouble-free and to the operator’s highest...

VAG Zeulenroda

Zeulenroda Dam

Before it was serviced by VAG, the plunger valve installed in the Zeulenroda Dam had already been repaired by several service workshops. VAG completely disassembled the valve and prepared a damage report as well as a rehabilitation concept.

Hydro Power Station Luji

The Luji power plant is located on the Pudu River in China‘s Yunnan Province. The plant supplies electricity to the surrounding area, while at the same time the dam protects the area against flood disasters. Our customer had to act quickly when the...

Asahan Hydro Power Station

For the Asahan Hydropower Station in the north of the peninsula of Sumatra, it was important to the customer to adjust the water discharge rate to precisely 126m³/s by using new control valves. During the tendering stage, however, VAG was the only...

VAG valves in dams and hydropower stations

VAG offers products and solutions for almost all fields of application. With our extensive portfolio – especially in the area of dams and hydropower stations – we deliver tailor-made solutions that nobody else is able to supply. Our products range from the VAG RGT Roller Gate or VAG TGT Tainter Gate, the VAG Spring-Loaded Air Valve up to the VAG KSS Hollow-Jet Discharge Valve or the VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve. Also available as special solution or customised valves – perfectly tailored to your needs and your project.

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