Customer benefits

Customer benefits

VAG pressure management offers you immediate savings as soon as installation of the valve begins.

Reduction in water losses

  • Reduction in technical water losses of up to 50 %, resulting in cuts in production costs.
  • Reduction in the frequency of burst pipes of up to 50 %, resulting in cuts in maintenance costs

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Extending the useful life of the network of pipelines

• Significant extension of the life expectancy of the pipe network since a reduction in material stress factors slow down the ageing process. This means that in general there are far fewer events of damage.
• Extending the investment cycle results in a sustainable investment strategy for network operators.


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Making available a meaningful operational information system

  • Improvement in the information basis by archiving operating data (flow and pressure). Monitoring through custom-made interfaces (GUI) offers an early warning system.
  • Cutting operation costs through the automated operation of the installation by means of a remote control/range system (SCADA technology).
  • Continuous loop improvements maximise the potential for saving and provide valuable knowledge on one's own hydraulic system.

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