Reduction of water loss

Reduction of water loss

Enhancing productivity in water logistics by means of an optimised system of pressure regulation enables network operators to satisfy current consumer behaviour with a reduced volume of produced drinking water.

Use of the VAG pressure management system eliminates the excess pressure resulting from the system, so that water loss and the required feed-in quantity can be significantly reduced.

IWA water balance

With the International Water Association (IWA) balance, various types of water losses are categorised. The water balance was developed by the IWA Water Loss Task Force in 2000. It is considered to be the international standard for the input and comparison of flows of material and money in the water distribution network. The water balance is the elementary basis for a targeted, strategic system of water loss management. 

Global effect of pressure management

The VAG pressure management system is a systemic solution to water loss in the entire range of action. The situation-related control of the supply pressure has an effect on every existing leak in the system, thus reducing the outflow of drinking water from the supply network.
Approximately 90% of the existing leaks are not visible. This damage has to be localised and repaired at considerable effort and expense. The installation of a pressure management system will reduce losses due to leaks with immediate effect.

On the other hand, actively locating leaks and then repairing them constitutes a selective reduction in water losses. "Plastering over" these leaks only transports the hydraulic problem of excess pressures to the next weak point in the supply system.