Applications for pressure management

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Applications for pressure management in Transmission pipelines

Transmission pipelines

Distances between places where water is raised, stored or produced and places where it is consumed are becoming increasingly greater. Transmission pipelines with large nominal diameters are required as main supply lines to bridge these distances. Unforeseeable, irregular pressure fluctuations exist in these main pipelines and may, in the worst case, lead to water hammers and burst pipes. The VAG RIKO® plunger valve with a nominal diameter of up to DN 2000 in a combination with the VAG DUOJET® ventilation valve is a reliable solution.
Solution for transmission pipelines: regulating a supply of large quantities


Applications for pressure management in Elevated tanks

Elevated tanks

Elevated tanks play a significant role in temporarily storing and distributing water. Precise level regulation is the most important task and makes considerable demands on the valves used.
With a custom-made VAG pressure management concept for elevated tanks, high pressure differences, even when at times accompanied by very low flow rates, may be controlled. This is possible without damaging the control valves as a result of cavitations or over-regulation of the valve. Besides, automating and monitoring the filling of the tanks can reduce operation costs and enhance safety. Since hydraulic requirements are very demanding, the VAG RIKO® plunger valve is ideal for safe use.


Solution for elevated tanks: automated level control


Applications for pressure management in Distribution networks

Distribution networks

The task of a distribution network is to ensure a stable supply of drinking water for all final consumers at any time of day or night at a specified minimum pressure. The water consumption (flow) is in this case subject to dynamic fluctuations during the course of a single day. Unless it is actively regulated, the supply pressure is in direct proportion to the flow:
• High flow = low supply pressure
• Low flow = high supply pressure
This reliance can be changed by means of active regulation, with the supply pressure being adapted to the current consumption in order to meet demands. The VAG PICO® diaphragm valve and the VAG RIKO® plunger valve are used in the distribution system. 
Solution for distribution networks: Micro Pressure Managed Area / Macro Pressure Managed Area