Selction process

How do I apply?

You are interested in VAG as a training company and you would like to be a member of our strong crew? Then why not apply for one of the available training professions. We look forward to hearing from you! 

What happens after you have sent us your application?

Vocational training and hence securing junior staff members is a significant element of the success of our company. This is why we put a lot of passion into selecting our apprentices. We endeavour to get back to you quickly. However, we do check each application individually, so that you may need to wait up to four weeks before you hear from us.

Selection process

If we like your application and your profile, the selection process will begin for you. It will go as follows:

  1. Assessment center or aptitude test
  2. Job interview
  3. Brief internship
  4. Second interview

The selection process comprises the four steps described above. They will be carried out in sequence and will hence take place on different days. Once you have successfully participated in the assessment centre or the aptitude test, you will be invited for a job interview If you are successful in the interview, you will carry out an internship with us. This internship will take account of when you have time and depending on this, it may take place on a daily or hourly basis. On completion of the internship a second talk will take place.

The individual steps serve to get to know you better, but they also aim at giving you the opportunity to get an accurate picture of VAG. The decision is, after all, important for both parties, since it is the elementary foundation of your professional career and secures young staff members for our company.