Delta Racing

Delta Racing

Since the 2010/2011 season, VAG has been the Gold Sponsor of Delta Racing Mannheim e.V., of Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.

We are delighted to be able to support this project, since the team is exclusively made up of students at the university who dedicate their spare time to Delta Racing. The organisational structure is arranged the same as for a company: the team works completely independently towards the success of the project, from construction to development, marketing and the drawing up of a business plan. This gives students the opportunity to find out what it is like to assume responsibility, and to get initial professional experience.

Formula Student

The society was founded in 2008 as part of an international construction competition, the "Formula Student".

The competition aims at designing and producing a single-seater racing car. Since 2006, the teams taking part have all met at the Hockenheimring once a year to compete against others in their self-constructed racing cars in a total of eight disciplines. It's not the team with the fastest car that wins; it is the team which was able to present the best overall package, also in business areas such as cost analysis, marketing and project management.

VAG as a Gold Sponsor

Delta Racing Mannheim e.V. finances itself exclusively from funds donated by the sponsors and supporters who are just as enthusiastic about the Formula Student idea. However, the Delta Racing Team depends on more than the financial support of its sponsors; it also relies on their know-how in matters relevant to competition.

As a Gold Sponsor, VAG not only supports the team financially; it also does so with the professional expertise of its employees, for example in workshops in the areas of marketing and human resources. VAG experts also support the team when it comes to production, by producing various parts for the chassis and the undercarriage, since our staff members are also big fans and they look forward to joint activities.

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Students report

Students report

I made contact with VAG when I joined the Delta Racing team at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.  My fellow team members reported that VAG - the company is also a sponsor of the university racing team - offers many different internships, including regular general technical internships. Since this is required for acceptance to my Masters study course in Industrial Engineering with Business Studies, I applied.

Now that my internship is gradually coming to an end, I am still delighted at how uncomplicated and friendly the whole recruitment procedure has been. Once the recruitment modalities had been sorted out, I spent the first day of my internship in the VAG training workshop. I was made to feel most welcome by the apprentices, and I very quickly found out how to implement what I had already learned during my studies in practice. Among other things, I was allowed to mill, turn, grind and lap, all of which was very educational and most useful for my studies.

What I really liked was the fact that cooperation between VAG and the Delta Racing team was also noticeable in the training workshop, and I was allowed to help produce parts used for the fast car on the first day of my internship.
Finally, I'd like to thank VAG for making it possible for me to take part in a general technical internship. I really enjoyed the work, and I learned a lot. Besides, I hope that cooperation with Delta Racing will continue to work as it does now.