SME Scholarships

SME Scholarships


VAG awards the "Mannheim Model SME Scholarships" in cooperation with Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.

In support of particularly talented, committed students, small and medium-sized enterprises in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area set up scholarship funds. Each student receives support of € 500 per semester for at least two semesters.

A fixed component of the model is the organisation of the Mannheimer Mittelstandsmesse ("MaMi"), a fair for small and medium-sized businesses.  Mannheim University of Applied Sciences opens its doors to visitors every year to give students in all the faculties and companies the opportunity to make direct contact. VAG is naturally also represented at the Mittelstandsmesse, where companies engage in numerous talks with students who are interested in potential internships, working student activities, theses or even joining a company on completing their studies. The SME scholarships have already resulted in extremely successful cooperation between students and VAG, and we're always delighted about this.

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Students Report

Studenten erzaehlen

As a student studying mechanical engineering at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, I first made contact with VAG through the Mannheim Model SME Scholarships. The scholarship is funded by companies, including VAG, located in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area. It serves to support committed students who are interested in small and medium-sized enterprises. Since my interest in the scholarship had been aroused, I submitted my application and VAG subsequently invited me for an interview. During the talk it quickly became apparent that VAG did not only give financial support to its scholarship holders. Close cooperation as part of working student activities or internships give you the opportunity to gain initial professional experience and get to know VAG better. A few weeks after the interview, I was delighted at having been accepted for the scholarship and for a job as a working student in the Technical Design and Development Department.

I have been a working student in this department since April. I am working on my own project, which is about stress analyses on flange connections. Flanges serve as leakproof, detachable connections for pipe sections or valves, so flanges need to be properly designed in order for valves to function perfectly.

I am supervised by an experienced employee in my department who supports me in my project work, so I am not left completely on my own if I have questions or encounter any problems. I can fall back on the experience of my advisor, with whom I solve problems in constructive cooperation. My working student activities give me the opportunity to implement in practice the theoretical knowledge I have gained in my studies and further improve my skills as an engineer beyond the scope of lectures. I can also gain professional experience in addition to studying and develop my contacts to VAG.

For anyone wishing to promote their personal development through benefiting from working as a student on interesting projects in an innovative medium-sized company, I can genuinely recommend working for VAG.