Internship at VAG

Students are not only a vital element of securing junior staff members for us; they also bring new ideas into the company. This is why you are a full crew member with a clearly defined area of responsibility even during your internship. For us it is important that you meet our expectations and that personal responsibility, motivation and initiative are not just empty words for you.

Internship in Germany

You want to test whether the theoretical knowledge you gained during your studies is suitable for practical use? You decide on the specialist department of your choice, depending on your professional focus.

Possible operative areas:

  • IT
  • Construction
  • Purchasing
  • Human Resources
  • Production- Industrial Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Export
  • Supply Chain Management


You offer us:

  • A degree in engineering science or business management or a comparable qualification
  • At least three to six months for your practical semester in our company
  • Initial practical or theoretical experience in the operative area of your choice


We offer you:

  • The chance to participate in current matters and matters relevant to the future which are to be put into practice.
  • A high level of independence and personal responsibility
  • A cooperative working environment that you will feel at home in

Become a member of our dynamic, international team. You will find the latest offers for internships in our job offers
You have discovered VAG for yourself, but there is not a suitable internship on offer in the job offers? Send us your application including the relevant documents, indicating the operative area of your choice and the period for your internship. We will check individually for you whether there is a position available in an appropriate operating department.
Unsolicited application

Internship abroad

We also offer you the chance to gain practical experience in another country in one of the VAG subsidiaries. In this case it is important for us that you enter your internship abroad with specific tasks to perform. A brief initial training phase at our headquarters in Mannheim is essential in order to guarantee this.



  • You have either already completed an internship at our headquarters in Mannheim or you will carry out the first part of your internship in Mannheim and the second part with a VAG subsidiary.
  • You have at least six months at your disposal.

Working abroad will be carried out individually and in coordination with the respective operating department. This is why you will not find any advertisements in our job exchange. If you are interested, please send us your application, including the relevant documents, and indicate when you wish to do your internship and the operating departments and country of your choice. You will find an overview of the VAG subsidiaries here: Overview of locations