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Personnel development

Efficient structures and processes are only two of the requirements for the successful development of a company. In order to achieve our corporate targets, we need committed, qualified employees more than anything else. We offer you a comprehensive further education programme so that you can make your contribution in the best possible way and widen your professional and methodological skills. The programme is based on four pillars. Only total interaction between these four pillars will guarantee that your further education is all-inclusive.
The first pillar guarantees intensive orientation training on general matters, thus ensuring that you are systematically integrated in the company. The motto is: from colleagues for colleagues – learning from one another. You will also be informed cross-departmentally about the areas and fields of activity of your new colleagues.
The second pillar involves function-related qualification. Standard seminars and seminars for specific departments are held regularly on the basis of a specific actual and target qualification. Our motto here is also: no scattergun principle, instead a focus on your very individual needs.
The third pillar takes a look at your individual qualification. These are special needs for qualification. They are for special, function-related matters, for example those resulting from technical innovations.
 The fourth pillar gives you the chance to continue your education "after work", focusing more on your own personal initiative in terms of personal, private further education. VAG also supports you here.

Occupational retirement provision

For us it is of course important to know how our employees are when they leave VAG and retire. We offer all our employees favourable  occupational retirement provision conditions with our contract partner in order to ensure that you are well taken care of when you stop working.   
We offer the following vehicles for occupational retirement provision:

  • Direct insurance through our group policy
  • Pension fund through our group policy
  • Contributions to a pension plan


We'd like to take as much work as possible off your hands, which is why we naturally take care of handling the full scope of your occupational retirement provision.

Occupational healthcare management

The health of our employees is very important to us - after all, health is and will remain our most vital asset. Without health we would not be able to get through our daily routine, not to mention enjoying our daily life – irrespectively of whether we are talking about professional or private daily routines.
This is why we have developed an ongoing system of occupational healthcare management for our employees.
The VAG Healthcare Day in 2009 served to get a continuous healthcare programme off the ground. Our cooperation partners accompany us in regular activities on different health-related issues. Regular key topics such as back care, exercise or nutrition and the resulting offers concerning healthcare are now also a component of our daily business routine.
All of this under the motto of We don't only move water, we also move ourselves.

Certificate heathcare and safety


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