Effective hardware and software for network monitoring: VAG LeakControl

Due to many years of experience with the issue of network management, VAG offers an integrated concept for monitoring your supply network, tailored to your requirements. It includes the components measurement technology, metering point positioning, measurement data analysis, and software supported delimitation of leaks in the network.

LeakControl significantly reduces lead times for leak detection, making the repair and location of even minor leaks an economical choice.

Ultrasonic flow metering: sound-transit time differential measurement principle

In the event of a leak in the water supply network, several ultrasonic flowmeters located in an area detect different increases of the flow rate. These differential measurements are compared and evaluated using the calibrated hydraulic model of your supply network.

This measurement principle uses two ultrasound sensors both of which serve as a sender and a receiver. If the flow velocity is the same, the transit time of the ultrasonic pulses propagating in fl ow direction is shorter than that of the ultrasonic pulses propagating against flow direction.

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