Web-based software makes access possible everywhere, any time: VAG LeakFinder

To make the detection of the size of a leak and its geographic localisation even more efficient, VAG offers the suitable tool with the LeakFinder software. Based on a calibrated hydraulic computing network model and the use of mathematical algorithms, the behaviour of the network is analysed statistically.

The VAG LeakFinder is a web-based software tool allowing the fast and precise detection of leaks in the water supply network and their localisation with a very high level of accuracy.

Benefits of VAG LeakFinder

  • Suitable for large DMAs (district metered areas)
  • Ideal for large non-discrete zones
  • Detection of small leaks
  • Reduction of leak location time
  • Accurate leak localisation
  • Accurate leak sizing
  • Suitable for every pipe material
  • Analysis based on exact flow metering
  • Compatible with virtual DMAs
  • User-friendly web-based tool
  • Data access and control via PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Highly economic method
  • Considerable time savings

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