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Proven VAG nuclear power plant technology is now also available with an ASME N-stamp

All over the world, nuclear power stations have to meet the most stringent safety requirements. The leading internationally recognised standard is the ASME III code, which certifies a required high standard of safety. The code is used globally,...

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VAG celebrates its 140 year company anniversary

VAG looks back on a very long history. The company roots date back to 1872 when it was founded as Bopp & Reuther.

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Donation handed over to children’s hospice “Sterntaler”

Last Tuesday, a donation to the children’s hospice “Sterntaler” was handed over at the Maritim Hotel in Mannheim. The Maritim Hotel, Europcar and the VAG Group jointly collected over € 3,000 for the extension of this institution.

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VAG celebrated 34 employee jubilees last year

Last week, 34 VAG employees were honoured for their long years of employment with the company. All those employees who have been working for VAG for 10 to 50 years were rewarded for their loyalty with an event that took place far away from their...

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Duplex steel valves DN 2000 for Dutch power plant

At the beginning of this month, VAG supplied the first DN 2000 butterfly valves made entirely of duplex stainless steel. In the year 2007, construction work for a new coal-fired power plant began in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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VAG at the VDI Recruiting Day in Mannheim

Being a company with strong domestic and international growth, VAG also has an increasing demand for highly qualified employees.

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Federal Minister Dirk Niebel visits the Headquarters of the VAG-Group in Mannheim

Last friday, Dirk Niebel, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, paid a visit to the Mannheim headquarters of valve manufacturer VAG.

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RIKO Offensive – Winners of the second round

Since the beginning of this month, the RIKO Offensive has been in its third and last round. In this round, the plunger valve made by VAG is fighting its competitors in the disciplines of design, actuator and experience.

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Valve training now part of the VAG Academy

Last week, the international valve training courses took place again at the VAG Group’s Mannheim headquarters.

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VAG Sponsors Training for Young Firefighters

It is not only in small towns and municipalities that volunteer fire brigades are on the spot in emergencies. In Germany, only 102 of a total of 2,000 towns have a fire service.

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