VAG and RBS wave


M.Sander (VAG), E.Kober (RBS wave)

The team for efficient online LeakMonitoring and the reduction of water losses!

On 10 October 2016, Marcus Sander, President of VAG GmbH, welcomed Erwin Kober, CTO of RBS wave, to VAG’s premises in Mannheim. The background of this meeting was the future partnership of the two companies, which aims at the efficient detection and reporting of water losses in drinking water networks.

RBS wave, a subsidiary of EnBW, specialises in the optimum and fully automatic online monitoring of supply networks with innovative technology. The VAG-Group will include this system in the company’s product portfolio and make it available in numerous regions. With its many years of experience in the network management area, VAG is now offering an integrated overall concept including the sub-components of measurement technology, positioning of metering points, measuring data analysis and software-supported leak perimeter determination.

On VAG’s side, the concept will be supported by the VAG Consulting Team which consists of experienced engineers and specialises in finding the best solutions for diverse projects and customer requirements and implementing them tailored to the customer’s needs.