VAG HYDRUS® G Underground Hydrants with a new coating concept


A clear decision in favour of a longer service life of the VAG HYDRUS® G Underground Hydrant

While these underground hydrants used to be equipped with an epoxy coating on the outside and an enamel coating on the inside, it’s now “either – or”.  To prevent the risk of corrosion at the seams where the two surface types are joined, the VAG HYDRUS® G Underground Hydrants will be available as an enamel-only and an epoxy-only version in the future. From now on, the VAG HYDRUS G® Epoxy features another leap forward in terms of quality with the coating of its complete surface – even behind the additionally installed brass seat bush. 

The new versions of the VAG HYDRUS® G Epoxy and Enamel are available now and can be ordered at the terms specified in the 2017 price list. 

The VAG HYDRUS® G is an underground hydrant with a single or double closing system and a double drain system in nominal diameter DN 80. It comes with a self-closing claw cover and a patented safety interlock to protect maintenance staff. It is particularly suitable for use in municipal fire-water supply, in industry, at airports and in water distribution applications.

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