Industrial Valves Issue 1 2018

Plunger Valves as control valves in water supply systems

The protection of our environment asks for sophisticated plant technology and process control. In line with this, the requirements of planners and operators of water supply systems keep increasing with regard to the safe function and reliability of...

Industrial Valves Issue 1 2014

Own-medium controlled plunger valves in water supply

Previously, not all requirements for control and regulation valves in water supply could be met. Now VAG has developed an automatic actuator controlled by the medium present in the pipeline and with integrated fail-safe function as a multi-turn...


The reduction of water losses

Valve World published in its 9. issue an articel about the reduction of water losses with help of VAG valves.


A modern, global solution provider

The European Business Journal gave an account of the VAG subsidiary JMA.


Butterfly valves in municipal water management

Butterfly valves of various types have been manufactured for more than 50 years. They have stood the test of time in a wide variety of operating conditions throughout the world. Without butterfly valves modern water management would be inconceivable....


Precise control of water supply systems by plunger valves

Plunger valves are special control valves, designed specifically for control tasks in water supply. Unlike gate valves and butterfly valves, which are mainly used as shut-off valves only in pipeline networks, plunger valves meet the special...


Prague's historic city centre now a safer place

CFN reports about the installation of VAG Knife Gate Valves and Flap Valves to safe the historic city center of Prague. After a disaster which killed 17 people, the floods can now be controlled thanks to VAG valves.


Comprehensive Pressure Management as a driver of sustainable waterloss management

When one takes a look at the drinking water supply along the water industry value chain – from sourcing to consumption – a transportation problem comes to light. The quantity of wa-ter produced at the beginning does not fully reach the consumer due...


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