VAG EKN® Butterfly Valves Platform

Technological leadership: 40% higher energy savings and maximum reliability

VAG EKN®  Butterfly Valves Platform with the H-, M- and B-Series are the perfect choices for all applications: Maximum reliability, highest energy efficiency and long service life. Different coatings systems and customer-specific solutions allow their use in almost all fields of applications: water distribution, water treatment, wastewater, dams and power plants.

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VAG EKN® Butterfly Valves H-Series: Premium features for highest requirements

Innovations of the VAG EKN® H300 Butterfly Valve

  • Patented hydrodynamic disk
  • Enlarged inner diameter
  • Patented pressure compensation channels
  • Body seat with optimised geometry and high-precision finish
  • Patented tapered-pin connection between shaft and disk


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