Reference projects

Reference projects

KNG power plant Rostock

The Rostock power plant is a hard-coal-fired community power plant in the north-east of Germany whose operating company, Kraftwerks- und Netzgesellschaft mbH (KNG) was founded in 1990 directly after the Wall came down.

Sea water valves for the Maasvlakte power plant

In the year 2000, E.ON acquired a state-owned energy company in the Rotterdam/The Hague area, thus laying the foundations for E.ON Benelux.

Power Plant Jänschwalde

In power plants, the primary and secondary cooling water systems are frequently connected to each other. In the event of a unit downtime, many of the large pipelines have to be man-accessible for inspection – although the pipeline section on one side...

Boxberg Power Plant

In Boxberg, a community in Germany’s state of Saxony, the lignite-fired Unit R of the power plant with an electric power output of 675 MW was commissioned in October 2012.

Geothermal energy in Pullach

What is geothermal energy? The term originates from Greek “geo”, meaning Earth, and “thermos”, which translates as hot, i.e. thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth. Geothermal energy is referred to as a renewable source of energy which can...

VAG Valves in Prague Zoo

As a result of the perishing of more than a hundred animals and wide-scale destruction to the buildings at the zoo in Prague during the worst flood in centuries in 2000, the animal enclosures had to be reconstructed and restructured.


Water treatment plant Yangtze

At the beginning of March 2009, the renovation project took place in the first pump station of the Yangtze raw water treatment plant, which is part of Shanghai Chengtou Raw Water Co., Ltd.

Hydro Power Station Luji

The Luji power plant is located on the Pudu River in China‘s Yunnan Province. The plant supplies electricity to the surrounding area, while at the same time the dam protects the area against flood disasters. Our customer had to act quickly when the...

Yangcheng Coal- Fired Power Plant

The continuous cooling of the condenser within a very narrow temperature range is one of the essential prerequisites for keeping the pressure in the turbine at a constant level and is thus decisive for the efficiency of a power plant.

Biogas station in Vrakuňa

Biogas is mainly produced by fermenting methane in raw materials, i.e. the fermentation of waste. However, depending on how it is produced, biogas may contain extremely aggressive impurities, such as hydrogen sulphide. And biogas prevails in a wide...


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