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The giant from Mannheim will be used in the hydropower plant on the island of Sumatra

In the north of the island of Sumatra lies the metropolitan region of Medan. With some 3 million inhabitants, it is the third largest city in Indonesia. It is here, on the banks of the Asahan River, that the China Huadian Engineering Corporation, one...

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VAG valves complete Evonik's new recooling plant

The Wesseling plant, one of Evonik Industries' largest facilities, is located south of Cologne in the middle of the chemical region of the Rhineland. Here, in an area covering 330,000 m2, 1,200 employees produce a variety of chemical products that...

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Rubber-coated valves for the Thames Water

London‘s growing population and increasing temperatures are putting it at risk of drought. According to Thames Water, the company that supplies the English capital with water, London’s demand for drinking water has increased by 15% in the last two...

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Adventurous job in Tasmania‘s wilderness

In 1914, Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company finished the construction of a dam and power station at the edge of Lake Margaret to supply their mine with water and electricity through a three kilometre long pipeline. Almost 100 years later, in...

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VAG Pressure Management reduces water loss in Ain Al Basha near Amman

'If we don't drastically change the way we use water and reduce the amount we consume, Jordan's water deficit will continue to grow – with inconceivable consequences for the people and the environment!' explains Dieter Rothenberger, Project manager...

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Controlling air pressure at the wastewater treatment plant in Hangzhou, China

VAG RIKO® Plunger Valves are as reliable in air pressure systems as they are in water supply systems. Situated on the east coast of China, the city of Hangzhou harmoniously combines ancient tradition with modern technology. With a history going back...

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New safety standards for nuclear power station Unterweser

Thirty years of non-stop operation with corrosive brackish water have left their mark on the water intake basin of one of Germany's oldest nuclear power stations. In order to meet all of the safety and other requirements, preparations for the 2007...

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Refurbishment and renewal of all pipelines in the city of Rötz, Germany

VAG provides all valves and numerous VAG BAIO®plus system fittings. Water is not automatically drinking water as the 3,500 citizens of the city of Rötz found out from experience: impurities and leaks repeatedly caused problems. Moreover, the supply...

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New Valves for San Diego's Water Supply System, USA

San Diego, the eighth largest city in the United States, is situated on the southern tip of California near the Mexican border. With the Pacific Ocean as its western border, this coastal city of 1.3 million is known as "surfers' paradise." It is also...

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Valves in pumping station at Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG, Germany

VAG valves particularly suitable for process cycle water. Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG (CFB) was founded in 1908 and established itself in Budenheim near Mainz. The company specialised in the production of phosphates as early as the 1920s. Whether...

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