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Water Transmission Pipeline in Oman

The Sohar Water Transmission project is important for the long-term supply of the inhabitants and communities along the Strait of Hormuz in the northern area of the Sultanate of Oman. VAG valves guarantee that this mega project runs smoothly and...

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Unique dam project in Algeria

Algeria is situated between the Atlas Mountains in the north and the Sahara desert in the south. Most of the country’s water is supplied from dams. The dams are run by the government, while the pipelines and purification plants are run by the...

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Drinking water reservoir Kleine Kinzig, Germany

The Kleine Kinzig water supply is the only drinking water reservoir in the state of Baden-Württemberg, and is one of the state's central water supplies. The reservoir is located in the vast forest between Freudenstadt and Alpirsbach and is fed by...

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Rur Dam Schwammenauel, Germany

The Rur dam Schwammenauel in the North Eifel mountains has a capacity of 203 million m3, making it one of Germany's largest dams. It catches the rainfall in the headwaters of the Rur. The Schwammenauel power station uses the hydropower station to...

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