What moves us ....

In the near future, water will be the topic that moves the world. Alternatives can be found for fuel, but not for water. In the world’s hotter regions, drinking water is already more valuable than petrol. In Europe, water is increasingly used to generate energy. Water is and will remain one of our most important resources. Only the most innovative of companies will play a role on the global water and wastewater markets. The arid countries will continue to dry out, while the wetter countries will flood more frequently. Modern and sensible water management—one of our main goals—is the only way to keep the balance.

Creative ideas and sensible solutions will pave the way. In a few years, VAG will be one of the key players on the water market because we will have recognised and responded to the requirements of our international customers on time. New requirements need new systems.

We are working towards the market of 2020 today. We are always one step ahead, which is why we can offer you tomorrow's solutions today.

Today is in your hands, tomorrow in ours. And yesterday shows what we are capable of!


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