Pressure Management

As one of the leading companies in the water industry, VAG offers complete planning, consultation and implementation as well as proven VAG products for smart water networks. To the products

Pressure Management

Over many decades, water distribution networks are exposed to permanent strain, e.g. by frost, road traffic, earth movements and water pressure. The consequences are material fatigue, cracks, leakage – and thus water losses. The major part of the losses is not caused by large pipe bursts but by the great number of minor leaks. According to experts’ estimates, about one third of the available drinking water resources is lost while the water is being transported to the end consumer. This results in enormous financial losses. Additionally, the scarcity of valuable drinking water becomes worse in dry regions. If world-wide losses could be halved, this alone would make the drinking water supply of an additional 90 million people possible.

Trying to detect and eliminate all leaks can usually neither be realised nor financed. And if, besides that, a part of the leaks is eliminated, the pressure exerted on the remaining ones rises and increases the loss there.

VAG Pressure Management deals with precisely the opposite: It reduces the water pressure in the pipeline network in dependence of demand or consumption periods.

VAG valves in pressure management
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Water shortages and water losses are global challenges of today’s world. Especially

developing countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia are severely affected. In collaboration with the German association for

international cooperation (GIZ),...

Pressure Management in Bardejov

The historic part of the town of Bardejov is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and has 21,000 inhabitants. Before the installation of the VAG Pressure Management System, the water supply of this Slovakian town suffered from frequent...

The VAG pressure management solution

VAG is one of the pioneers in the field of pressure management and offers a complete solution consisting of planning, consultation and implementation. The customer benefits of the VAG pressure management solution have already been demonstrated in a number of projects. As many as one million cubic metres of drinking water were saved within one year.  Pressure reduction, pressure retention and level control in one valve are offered by the VAG PICO® Pilot-Operated Control Valve. The VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve precisely controls the pressure and volumetric flow rate in smart water networks and thus ensures uninterrupted water supply. As one of the leading companies in the water industry, VAG combines proven products with engineering and practical knowledge. As a result, you will receive a solution package designed and manufactured to your individual needs. Guaranteed!

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