Reference projects

Reference projects

Tirumala Temple

Water supply to Tirumala Temple

In order to provide water to millions of pilgrims, it is necessary to supply water to the temple complex through a water distribution line coming from Tirupati, the town located closest to the temple.

San Bartolo Hydroelectric

San Bartolo Hydroelectric Project

The San Bartolo Hydroelectric Project comprises the construction of a hydropower plant on the Río Negro River (in the southeast of Ecuador in the Amazon region). The customer decided to order the valves needed from VAG.

VAG Nechranice

Nechranice Dam

Until 2011 two control valves were in service in the Nechranice hydropower plant. However, these valves had already been repaired several times and were coming to the end of their useful lives.

VAG Harbin-Mopanshan

Harbin-Mopanshan Water Supply Pipeline

To be able to control the water pressure and the flow rate over the entire distance and to compensate for the slope, VAG Plunger Valves with an internal diameter of 1.60 m were installed.

VAG Liaoning Da Huo Fang

Liaoning Da Huo Fang Water Reservoir

To ensure uninterrupted water supply, the customer required control valves able to adapt automatically to the variable water levels of the lake while the water supply project was in its planning stage.

VAG Hangzhou Qi Ge

Hangzhou Qi Ge Waste Water Treatment Plant

Due to the use of VAG plunger valves, the costs for aeration could be reduced by 30%.

VAG Tekeze

Tekeze Dam in Ethiopia

VAG service technicians commissioned the hollow jet discharge valve with a diameter of 1600 mm and assembled its actuator.

VAG Santander

Water Supply Pipeline in the North of Spain

Already at an early stage in this project, VAG’s project engineers were consulted to provide advice on the selection of valves, the delivery and installation of the valves. The extremely tight project schedule became another great challenge.

VAG Trusetal

Trusetal water supplies

VAG assumed responsibility for carrying out all the valve design calculations according to the operator‘s instructions. VAG supported the operator throughout the entire project, from the planning and tendering phase through to putting the system into...


REWAG, Regensburg Municipal Utility

Rehabilitation of a VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve. Modifications included the replacement of the quadring, the connecting rod, the connecting rod bearing and the crank as well as the welding on of the guide skids.


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