At and after school time

Joining VAG while you're still at school

You have the opportunity to work as an intern at VAG while you are still at school.
You will not find information about internships for school pupils in our job offers. If you are interested please send us your application for an internship while you are still at school, indicating the area in which you would like to work and the period of this work. We will gladly check on whether this will be possible for you.
School internship

Joining VAG after school

You would like to gain initial experience straight after school and are seeking interesting, demanding vocational training? Then this is just the place for you.

Sound vocational training is the basis for a successful start to your professional career. At VAG you will be given practical, interesting, diverse vocational training in a commercial or technical profession. Your qualification is the basis for your professional future and our corporate future. This is why our apprentices are widely supported and individually supervised.
In order to make it easier for you to get your professional career off the ground, you will get to know the company, new colleagues and matters relating to your training at VAG during an introduction day. When you commence your work, you will go through a personal initial training phase with practical and theoretical training contents.

Come on board. Become a member of our crew and write your success story with VAG. 

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Practical training for pupils

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