Career FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions

1. How do I apply?

There is an "Apply now" button under each job advertisement on our website. Click on the button and an application form will pop up. You will be guided step-by-step through the form, which is clearly structured and will only take a few minutes to fill in. You can upload your application documents (letter, curriculum vitae, certificates/reports, photo) by simply pressing a button.

Please appreciate that we cannot process applications sent to us by email or post.


2. Which jobs are offered at VAG?

You will find the current situations vacant in the VAG Group here
The relevant job advertisement will be removed from our website as soon as a vacancy has been filled.


3. Can I also send in an unsolicited application?
Yes, you can. Simply click onto Unsolicited application.

We will then check to determine whether any of our situations vacant are suitable for you or whether there may be a suitable job for you in future. You will definitely hear from us. We kindly ask you to be patient, since checking on this may take longer than checking an application for a specific position.


4. Who can I contact if I have queries concerning a specific job?

Each job advertisement shows the name and telephone number of the person in HR who is responsible for the job in question. Don't hesitate to call the number if you have any queries.


5. What information should my application documents contain?

Your application should comprise a personal letter explaining what prompted you to apply, a curriculum vitae and reports/certificates.


6. How long before the possible starting date should I send in my application?

There is no deadline for sending an application. Unless a job advertisement indicates otherwise, we will be seeking to fill the position immediately. Naturally we are aware that it may take some time before you can join our company.


7. What happens to my application after it has been received?

We will take a look at your application as soon as possible.

Our next step would then be to contact you to arrange a telephone interview to clarify any initial questions, after which we will forward your application to the relevant department. If your qualifications match our job profile we will invite you to an initial personal talk to get to know you. The next step in the selection process will depend on the job in question.


8. When will I get a response to my application?

As soon as you have sent off our online form with your application you will receive an email confirming that we have received it.

It will generally take us about four weeks to process your application. We may need a little more time in exceptional cases. We kindly ask you to appreciate this.


9. What about the security of my data?

Data that VAG receives as part of the application process is all treated in compliance with the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz).

Your details will all be treated as confidential and will only be used for application purposes.

You will find more information in our Privacy Regulations.


10. How will I be instructed?

For us it is very important that you are shown the job well. This is why our new employees all take part in a multi-stage VAG orientation programme.

You will receive a starter package when you take up your position at VAG. This will give you a good overview of VAG (organisation, values, vision, strategy). The package also gives you practical tips and information such as plans of the site, lists of abbreviations and a whole lot more. Information on advanced professional training at VAG, on occupational health management and our offers in terms of retirement provision, benefits and cooperation partners is also included.  
In our off-the-job orientation programme you will get to know the various VAG departments. You will get an overview of our marketing tools, find out about quality management at VAG, and learn how the logistics department works, etc. You will take part in training courses on VAG products and be trained in our software programs.

You will of course also be shown the job in your department in addition to cross-departmental familiarisation. You will have a mentor at your side from your first working day. Your mentor will be an experienced employee who is able to answer all the questions you may have on starting in our company, and will support you as you familiarise yourself with the job.

Your on-the-job familiarisation is based on a departmental orientation plan. This ensures that you get to know everything that is important for your work in your department.


11. Which development potential does VAG offer?

Information  on personnel development at VAG is available here: This is what VAG offers


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