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Wasserverband Eifel-Rur

Within the scope of the hydraulic steel construction works performed at bottom outlet 1 of the Olef Dam, a new tapered seal was required for the dismantling joint (DN 2000) from the year 1957 welded to the upstream side wall pipe. As the dimensions of the tapered sealing profile could neither be found in our own available documentation nor be obtained from the manufacturer and as a longer-term downtime of bottom outlet pipe 1 and an order after the dismantling of the old seal were out of the question, VAG was asked for assistance in this matter.
Thanks to the short-term, competent and speedy assistance provided by you and your employees it was possible to receive a suitable replacement seal from your company within a very short time. During the subsequent commissioning of the bottom outlet, there were no complaints; the dismantling joint with the new seal was absolutely tight.
We have already noticed the VAG in other construction projects as a real solution provider and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your great help.

Empresa de Acueducto, Alcantarillado y Aseo de Bogotá

We have an express pipeline system which supplies water to storage tanks directly from the treatment plants, and upstream of their inlets, plunger valves are installed. These valves have been operating trouble-free for more than 14 years and the entire series makes our distribution system robust and flexible. (…)

Heinrich Scheven

(…) We have been operating several generations of gate valves made by VAG and can therefore confirm the high quality of VAG valves and their durability over decades. (…)

Logo-Uhde GmbH

Boniter srl

In 2013 our company working as a general contractor won a project in Saudi Arabia, in Medinah region. We chose to cooperate with VAG because of the good name of the company in the region and because we know it's a reliable company not only producing good valves but also giving technical support if needed. If there will be new possibilities we'll be happy to cooperate with VAG again.

LUG Engineering GmbH

I’m a user of your website and would like to give you some positive feedback.
I’m delighted. The structure and general handling are right!

ZV Bodensee-Wasserversorgung

(…) We are highly satisfied with the quality of your products and their practice-oriented further developments. When it comes to special solutions and challenging conditions in the operation of valves, your company is the company to turn to. (…)

Jindal Stainless Limited

A motorized control valve with sophisticated control system is greatly enhancing reliability of the water circuit, prevents breakdown due to unwanted flow surges and controls the process flow as per requirement. VAG Plunger valves were found to give very good performance at JSL site conditions and no technical snags have been noticed so far.

Saigon Water Cooperation

(...) For many years, Saigon Water Cooperation - Sawaco has always trusted in the quality of valves which are supplied by VAG. Whenever we need to buy valves for our water plant system, VAG is always our first choice. We are very pleased with both product quality and customer care service of your company.
First of all, we want to mention the product quality. VAG valves are varied and constantly changing to suit the high requests from customers. The products always meet international standards. The quality of goods are still guaranteed when they are delivered to Vietnam.
Next is the customer care service. This is a very important factor. We view this matter as a prerequisite for a long term cooperation with VAG. It starts with the order and ends with the contract. Every step is proceeded very fast and efficiently. The warranty policy is good. Then, the plus for your company is that the customer service always enthusiastically supports us. They are very helpful.
We are very satisfied with not only the product quality but also the service which is offered by your company. We are looking forward to maintaining this long term partnership.


(…) In India, such quality products are not available and in the true sense of functioning of water supply appurtenances, one has to go for correctly designed products of a high degree of quality.

SMC Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd. Bangalore

VAG stands for quality and technical compatibility. The products are more reliable for the water and waste water sector. When we need a solution we can rely on VAG’s commitment. They have various products more suited for the application and their technical team is more competitive.

SMC Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd.

In our business we must get our products to a site on a regular schedule. We rely on dependable service from suppliers like you to help us keep our schedule and satisfy our customers. We want you to know that we appreciate your efforts and look forward to continuing our business relationship. For the last ten years, you have faithfully delivered top quality products to our door. Thank you for your support & assistance.


As a company in the power generation sector we need to be able to count on reliable suppliers for each division. Some time ago, we had a big challenge to overcome - to be specific, we had to upgrade some equipment of our hydropower plant. To contact VAG was the right choice. The engineers of VAG developed possibilities which would fit into our plant and realize our ideas in an ideal way. They participated and supported us by choosing the right valves and more importantly, they delivered valves with reliable functions and tightness. Also the VAG EKN® type butterfly valves in bigger sizes have been running smoothly since their first operation.
We are really impressed that VAG is a solution provider for all stages in a project: from the planning to the realization to the postproduction and their technical service. VAG was on site when we needed them. Ever since then, we have had fundamental trust in VAG ranging from the quality of their products to their customer service; everything is as it should be.

Shonan Engineering Pvt Ltd

First we want you to know how pleased we are with the outstanding service you have given us. We were having trouble with the valves in O&M of the plant (5 years) but since VAG started supplying valves we have never come across such problems again until now. We have appreciated the friendly business relationship we have with your company.

smg engenharia ltda.

(…) We also confirm that the products delivered comply with the technical specifications and the required quality standards and that the equipment mentioned has functioned satisfactorily up to now.

Logo-Bodensee Wasserversorgung

Servicios Avanzados de Ingeniería, S.A de C.V

An ideal solution for our drinking water and irrigation applications. The valves are of excellent quality and have a very competitive price. Thanks to the new “Golden Anderson” valve series, we now have a wide range of products available for water management.

San Diego Water Authority

We are really pleased to have found a competent manufacturer in VAG and intend to equip more of our flow control stations with customized control valves like the VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve.

Logo-SMS Siemag AG

Componentes y Servicios Industriales de Monterrey, S.A de C.V

The valves are of outstanding quality which is superior to the quality of competitors’ products, ranging from the selection of materials up to the finished product (…)

HBK Contracting Company WLL

The products are of high quality and one can be sure of its reliability considering the company has been in the market for more than a hundred years. They have a technical team that is always willing to render their support for any issues that may arise.

Logo-Uhde GmbH

Termocentro srl

The first contact with VAG Group took place in 2009 with technical support for an irrigation system project.  The commercial cooperation with the VAG Group began in 2012 in concomitance with the new business structure in Italy that has ensured a better local presence, close to our needs. In this period we have been able to appreciate the technical and commercial capacity of the Company thanks to their high quality products. This allowed us to introduce ourselves more competitively on our market. (...)

Logo-Uhde GmbH

Gamuda Water

We like the good technical support given by the members of VAG Malaysia and consultants of the VAG Headquarters in Mannheim who had further supported us in the replacement of our Glenfield valves. (…)

Logo-e.on Kraftwerke

Aqualia Infraestructuras

VAG met our technical requirements when we had to determine which valves were to be installed in the “El Realito” aqueduct. The quality of the valves is excellent and they exceeded our expectations.

Logo-Berliner Wasserbetriebe

OMT Resources

We like the VAG EKN® Butterfly Valve design and performance. Previously, we use to buy AVK butterfly valves and we had often issues with their delivery and after sales service. We are very satisfied with the service and support given by VAG Malaysia and we will continue to support them.

Heinrich Scheven

(...) We can confirm that all valves and pipe fittings were delivered to the construction site exactly on time and on the day promised. There were no problems whatsoever while the valves and fittings were being installed. The co-operation and support of the VAG employees involved was exemplary. Due to our excellent co-operation with VAG, we were able to complete the project according to schedule, and we can guarantee our own customer the safe operation of his dam.


Maravillas, S.A de C.V

We are highly satisfied with the quality of the products we purchased.

Sureland Fire & Security India Pvt. Ltd.

We are really pleased to have found a high quality manufacturer like VAG in India for gate valves and intend to equip more of our fire fighting systems. The valves are of outstanding quality which is superior to the quality of competitor's products, ranging from the selection of materials up to the finished products.


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