ASME N-stamp

ASME information


Safety-related valves made by VAG

Highest security in the world also for ASME III users

Since 1872 the VAG Group has been developing, designing and producing valves for maximum durability. Since then high quality has stood the test of time worldwide. For more than 50 years power station operators using VAG valves have been convinced of the high level of VAG’s competency – worldwide.

VAG's (core) power station competencies

Valves and pump protection systems for main and auxiliary cooling circuits, (waste) water treatment plants, district heating pipelines and fire protection circuits, including hydrants.

For users in the non-nuclear sector

The use of valves with reliable quality through certification of all processes at an entire site ensures the precise manufacturing of all components and guarantees reliable operation of the valve in the power plant, even after a long service life.

No matter if it’s a nuclear or conventional thermal power plant, with VAG as your valve supplier you are relying on proven and highly reliable valve technology. With or without N-Stamp.