Operational information system

Controlling and monitoring with a SCADA system

With its pressure management concept, VAG also offers to set up a monitoring and control system. In this case either the VAG SCADA System may be implemented as a full concept or the VAG control system can be integrated in an existing SCADA infrastructure.
User-friendly operation by means of modern telemetry technology enables the convenient monitoring and control of the system from the user's PC. The SCADA system makes it possible to set up an early warning system to warn users in the event of irregularities in the network. This means that countermeasures can be undertaken immediately, thus enhancing the reliability of operation of the supply network.


Operating data input and analysis

The use of a SCADA system in combination with the VAG pressure management solution enables the network operating data to be automatically captured and archived in a databank.

The performance parameters are directly visualised and analysed in the graphical interface of the SCADA system. VAG experts can also prepare hydraulic studies and the recommendations for action derived from the studies.


Sophisticated system of resource management

The findings gained on the operation and the condition of the supply network enables network operators to deploy their staff more effectively to active leak localisation, repairs, maintenance and servicing. Areas that are reported as being irregular can hence be given priority and relevant targeted activities carried out.