A new Aquaplus Project designed and implemented by Rotary International – and VAG is on Board


VAG is happy to be part of to help people receive clean water every day.

Aquaplus is an initiative of the Rotary International District 2041 and 2042, and has been conceived and developed in cooperation with EXPO MILANO 2015. Next to them, many partners support this program and ensure its continuity: The Municipality of Milan, Rotary Foundation, AVSI, MLFM, University of Milan and the Notre Dame University of Haiti. The program has been aligned with the theme of the EXPO "Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life". The Aquaplus methodology is a great practice that can easily be replicated in various locations of the world: the idea is to start providing a community with clean and safe water, and on this base create activities to be able to help the development of the community from the standpoint of health, education and economy.

The pilot project helped a community with approximately 15,000 people in Haiti to get a water system, educate the inhabitants in using their lands better and further developments that benefit this town.

VAG supports – financially as well as with valves

In 2016, Emiliano Veronese, Managing Director of VAG Valvole Italia S.r.l., first heard of this program and was so delighted that he decided to support it. Now, in 2017, VAG Italia helps this program again financially as well as provides valves once the program has advanced that far.

Currently, Aquaplus is implementing a project in Kisiju, Tanzania. The aim of the project is to improve life and health conditions in Kisiju Ward through the enhancement of water and sanitation access, the training and education of hygiene standards and the setup of socio-economic oriented activities. The access to clean water will be increased by building a water supply system of 10 km pipelines, an Income Generator Activity (IGA) will be related to the marine polyculture and the building and the implementation of a transformation unit for the treatment of agro-products related to the fish farming activities will be supported. Another big objective is to strengthen the decentralized government capacity to manage basic WASH ("Water, Sanitation and Hygiene") services.

Project phases of water supply – also by the help of VAG

The overall project is divided into five phases:

  1. Provide clean water supply: 10 km pipelines
  2. Create dams and basins for aquaculture, with preservation of mangroves
  3. Produce fish feeding (Lablab) and an ice-generator to preserve fishery products
  4. Educate and train young Tanzanians in Mkuranga and in Europe: scholarships and VT (Vocation Training) teams: Universities are formally involved in the partnerships
  5. Promote local enterprises to get benefits from such resources through the development of the fish-market supply chain.

Before the project got started, a nine-month survey has been conducted in order to check the feasibility of it. The overall budget of the project consists of about 1.5 million Euros; one million will be paid by international partners, 0.5 million will be a global grant of TRF (The Rotary Foundation).

VAG is happy to be part of this project to help people receive clean water every day.

We are not only supporting this project financially, but will also provide necessary valves to help build this 10 km pipeline. This way we can make our daily work part of this great social project.