Support from the VAG team


VAG now also building furniture – for a good cause.

This year's Volunteer Day in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area once again prompted a VAG team to lend a hand for a good cause beyond the scope of their work in the Group. While the VAG Group focus is at other times always on water or valves, a group of helpers from shipping company Wolf in Sinsheim gathered on Voluntary Day and got to work with saws, drills and screws to furnish the outdoor area of the refugee hostel in Sinsheim.

Europallets were used as a raw material to build "smart" furniture with a lot of active support from many refugees. The furniture provides seating and makes the outdoor area of the refugee hostel really homely. It very soon became apparent how people can be connected by a joint project and by mutual support in the work involved. Beyond any language barriers and differences in manual skills, it was not only the pleasing results created from pallets that were celebrated; more than that it was all about bringing people closer together, about understanding, and about a good feeling of togetherness.

Under the motto of "We're getting something done", this was the 5th Voluntary Day to be held in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area. This time round more than 7,300 participants were actively involved in 390 projects, helping with support for a variety of undertakings in the metropolis region.